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 The Taekwondo Encyclopedia is a 15 volume collection teaching and dealing with the scientific benefit's of taekwondo. It shows you the entire taekwondo curriculum and helps those wanting to improve their patterns and techniques.

Volume - 1. Origin and Development of Martial Arts Complete History of Tae Kwon Do Moral Culture & Philosophy Training Schedule & Composition of Taekwon-do Demonstration About the Author Group Photos

Volume - 2. Theory of Power & Attacking & Blocking Tools Vital Spots & Training Stances & Training Aids

Volume - 3. Hand Techniques 

Volume - 4. Foot Techniques.

Volume - 5. Sparring (free and step sparring) VOL.

Volume -6. Fundamental Exercises (A)

Volume - 7. Fundamental Exercises (B)

Volume -8. Four Direction Punch Four Direction Block Chon-Ji Tul Dan-Gun Tul Do-San Tul

Volume -  9. Won-Hyo Tul Yul-Guk Tul Joong-Gun Tul

Volume -
  Toi-Gye Tul Four Direction Thrust Hwa-Rang Tul Choong-Moo Tul

Volume - 11. Gwang-Gae Tul Po-Eun Tul Ge-Baek Tul

Volume - 12. Eui-Am Tul Choong-Jung Tul Juche Tul

Volume - 13. Sam-IL Tul Yoo-Sin Tul Choi-Yong Tul

Volume - 14. Yon-Gae Tul Ul-Ji Tul Moon-Moo Tul

Volume -15. So-San Tul Se-Jong Tul Tong-Il
Tul Many blackand white and some color photos demonstrate many intricate moves of Taekwon-Do.

 The objectives of taekwondo is to cultivates ones strengths, trim and slim the body, to display graceful techniques and cultivate ones mind.

Taekwondo can be considered to be part of our live like living and breathing. Today taekwondo is spread world wide. The taekwondo encyclopedia was published in 1983 and are available on this site.

If you use this taekwondo encyclopedia along with your training in the dojang, you will be able to master taekwondo and its scientific application therefore improving every aspect of your training and making you stand out.

 Everything is based on science in these encyclopedia. The taekwondo encyclopedia was available but has been out of print now for many years.

 They are difficult to come by and i hope you will take advantage of getting this library of books virtually free by simply making a small donation.



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